Creating a Permaculture Garden in Northern France - Part 2

Deeper and more meaningful connection...Isn't that what we all want deep down in the pit of our tums and soul of our Spirits?

It seems that there are many ways to create one's many ways as there are viewpoints on universes, which is, well, alot. Short of a mathematical equation coming on (which I routinely defer to Mark McAlister, excellent Math Tutor of Dominican University), what has worked and continues to work for me is spiralling into and out of the body of intuitive sensibilities otherwise known as my mind and heart dancing together. What I know for sure is when my heart, mind and soul dance together, a beautiful spiralling happens that guides me through the gaps, formations and knowingnesses of my own life design, allowing breathing room for who and what wants to show up and play in this particular evolution of existence I call 'my life.' It's about lucidly living into the quantum consciousness of our Spiritual essence and staying awake to the magic that arises. This is the realm where we get to co-author the self-organizing universe known as 'my life' and develop the confidence to live authentically through our visions and dreams. You might say that takes guts. Or it will take a long time. Or that it's hard--too hard, so you'll gladly (you think) settle for a substitute. And then you begin to forget that the anchors in your life--job, home, maybe even partner--are all substitutes that you settled for. Over time, the feeling that 'something is missing' in one's life reveals itself by degrees. So as not to face a choice that no longer serves us, we tell ourselves panacea... Or we cover up undesirable sensations with more activity, superficial merriment, alcohol, sex, drugs, whatever can distract us from facing a decision that became a design flaw.

Wouldn't it be better to remain in the stillness of our own self-organizing universe with humility, faith, openness...and ask for clarity? Become reconnected with our thought patterns, see them for what they are and forgive ourselves? In forgiving ourselves and others, we create the space for movement--growth and transformation can happen and new choices from a lucid consciousness can be sown.

more to come....
While you're waiting, try this ecological laugh-sitive ~